Key features

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Transparent productivity management; we’ve found the balance between teams and the organisation.

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Cloud based of data regionally held; you’re always in control of your data.

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Full Service

We aren’t just a product - we can also support you with process uplift and data quality management.

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Easy To Use

No more clunky user experience.

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Export Data

Easy exports for upload into your existing systems for payroll, HR and more!

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Product Roadmap

A continuous roadmap to bring more powerful functions and additional features.

Overall benefits

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Understand how your teams’ time is being spent, no matter where they are working from.

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Reduced admin time

Removing the level of manual time spent creating and managing timesheets.

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Better accuracy on billable time

Capturing the time spent on emails, in meetings and more.


What we don’t do

Take screenshots

Take photos of the user

Track key strokes

Track personal data

Allow all data to be exposed beyond the user


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