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Finally, you can have an accurate, transparent, and automated time tracking tool that doesn't sacrifice your privacy. Your time is yours for the tracking. See how it works better than other automated timesheet tools ... (without screen shots, key logs, or cameras)

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Time is Money

Lotus AI by Kera understands that time is money. It’s revenue, expenses, and profit.

Your time is valuable; better spent delivering value to your team and clients than logging meeting minutes, lodging invoices, checking and submitting time sheets or combing through productivity reports.

Meet Lotus AI.

Discreet activity tracking - keep tabs on all your efforts without anyone looking over your shoulder.

Flexible productivity reporting - accountability and submission control remain with the individual. Automated time tracking does not equal confidentiality concerns.

Harmonious workflows - integrate with your existing technology stack and systems.


Few things disrupt your firm’s workflow like invoice challenges.

Lotus is designed to optimize productivity, ensuring a seamless workflow while generating comprehensive reporting for your clients and partners.

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Integrated in the Background

A reliable time tracking tool designed for legal professionals with client confidentiality top of mind.

Lotus ensures precise documentation without compromising trust.

This tool’s intuitive design delivers seamless integration with your existing systems, capturing billable hours effortlessly.